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Manage your email marketing

  • Newsletter emails

  • Your own branded emails

  • Your own control panel

  • See who opens and clicks

  • Managed email marketing campaigns


Managed Mailchimp and Zoho campaigns

A simple and effective way to help improve sales and build the customer relations essential to a well–run business.

Mailchimp builds audience and delivers targeted messages. We build integrated customer relations management with Zoho and targeted emails using Mailchimp. Just like a printed flyer but without the printing costs. Measurable results and segmented mailing lists are a proven way to build sales and drive visitors to your website.


Why use Email Newsletters?

  • Email marketing promotes products and services quickly, cost effectively
  • No mess, no waste paper, no email attachments, all in an attractive and easy to read presentation
  • Delivers information straight to the desktops of its target audience
  • Keeps your name and details fresh in your customers minds, encourages them to come to you first
  • Measurable response to each and every campaign
  • News and offers can be sent out at specific times throughout the year
  • Target specific groups of buyers and decision makers
  • Emails, especially newsletters, lead readers to follow links to websites or other resources with greater detail and in-depth information
  • Recipients can keep a series of regular newsletters for reference on their computers ready to read again, and to use the information in the future when considering new purchases and suppliers

By sending out regular well-designed communications to an audience of customers and prospects, you will keep your business and your brands prominent and available.

We manage the process from design to proofing back to you to final delivery – freeing up the time spent packing and addressing and posting mailshots and cutting out a lot of postage costs.


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We cover all aspects of online marketing...

We cover all aspects of online marketing...

We cover all aspects of online marketing
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